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spiffy_phucker's Journal

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| Don't bitch if you're rejected
| Fill out all of the application
| You can try out twice, but you must wait a week if rejected
| If they include a picture, do not judge them on the picture.. THIS IS NOT A BEAUTY COMMUNITY! It's a personality one.. <3
| You must put the questions in bold and keep your answers regular
|Don't comment on everybody's vote, please
|No commenting in other entries if not accepted (added rule on 12/12/03)
|Feel free to plug, but as long as you allow it in your community and you don't do it more than once a week


Birthday (year does not need to be included):


Favorite movie:
Favorite show:
Favorite play:

Discriminatory of Age and Nationality:
Sterotyping (goth, prep, ect.)- Do not put 'see labeling':
Codeless LJers (Lee hates them):

Finish the sentences:
Jimmy crack corn and...
Oh, baby please...
Suck my...
Elvis was...
Elvis is...
Arrr.. Mates, I reckon I just..

Just answer these:
[I don't care what sex you are, put yourself in the position]
You see, you murder this guy. He was a mother fucking pimp. Not just a pimp, but "woah, like look at the pimp with the huge dick". You see, you have three options because you were an idiot and left your finger prints all over the murder weapon. Give a reason why with it. Options:
1. Have sex with the guy who has identify the finger prints, without a condom. You get pregnant, you don't have enough money for an abortion. You can not sue the guy for child support because he'll tell your truth.

2.Get a good lawyer and use all your money, you'll have $0 after this, to get a bunch of people say you were at a party with fake witnesses.

3. Turn yourself in and have the CHANCE of having less jail time than you would have if you got caught with 1 and 2.

You have the choice of the following men to love. Her are their details. Choose one.
1. Bob has scars and burns all over his face and body. His penis is only 3 inches when hard. Hes the sweetest thing you'll ever meet. Hes kind, nice, gentle, giving, funny, interesting, and opinionated.

2. Jerry is very good looking. Hes funny and rich. He is also racist and believes that his country, not America so shut the hell up, is the best one ever. He has a 9 inch penis when hard. He gives into things easily.

3. Lance is a normal, boring guy. Average size penis. He is very rich and gentle.

You're on a date show. You don't get to see the person but you have a choice of the following people by the descriptions to date [or just go home and fuck if they agree] Here are your choices:

Wendy: I like to have fun, go dancing, and getting down and dirty. I am a DD.

Stacey: I like going to movies and going for long walks on the beach

Zoe: You see? I'm kind of like Stacey, ya know, I like action and porn movies and I like going for walks on the beach... with viagra and a condom. And I'm a B38.

Ivory (This is the most unoriginal one to pick): I like writing poetry and wining on the guitar. I like classical rock. I like horror movies and science fiction.

Your girlfriend is raped. She seems to have dealt with it fairly well, but doesn't feel comfortable having sex for a while. Do you
[1]See where she is coming from, and agree not to get intamite for a while
[2]Agree with her, but have a few one night stands to keep yourself entertained
[3] Leave her for a girl who will sleep with you
[4] Set her an ultimatum : Sex or you leave

To get accepted, you must have 7+ votes. More yes's than no's. All undecideds will be turned into no if not changed by the time I am adding up votes.

Your mods:

3mp71n355 [owner]